Overlook is a party game for up to 16 players using 8 gamepads! One player need only one hand and half of gamepad to play the game. Players split into two teams. You can play as an defective robot, where your goal is to destroy as many robots as you can, or you can play as an overseer to seek and find defective robots. Gameplay is heavily inspired by Hidden in Plain Sight. With Overlook we want to push Hidden in Plain Sight to the next level.


Overlook is a game of moves plays and observation skills. It’s ideal for a small or big group of friends. Put your skills to the test and find out who can outplay the rest! You will often have to keep a cool head and try to mislead the opposite team in order to achieve victory. It’s not an easy task – the clock is ticking and time isn’t always in your favor. You will have to split into two teams choosing between infected robots and overseers. Thanks to game’s flexibility and party gameplay features Overlook supports 2-16 players on a single PC or console (up to 8 gamepads required).

Two Teams

Defective Robots

When game starts you see a map full of robots. Your first goal is… to locate yourself! Try not to move too quickly because overseers are watching! When you establish your current position it’s time to infect as many robots as you can. Keep in mind that the game hides the position of infected robots until overseer puts his marker on top of them. This allows you to move freely and spread the infection, if you remain far away from your opponent’s markers. Put your skill to test and try to mislead the opposite team for as long as you can. Don’t get caught red-handed!


Your job is to find players from the other team and remove them from the game. Move your marker along the map and try to locate infected robots. You can examine the status of the robots only by pointing directly at them. Move quickly and try to find out who is spreading the infection! If you find any robot suspicious, mark your target and watch the tongs remove it from the game. Be careful – the number of your hits is limited!

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