Photon Rush

Race, dodge, focus, block, destroy, and MUCH MORE in HIGH-SPEED! Your job is to maneuver your vehicle between obstacles and try to block, trick play or destroy the others. Map get smaller every second so watch your back and try to stay alive as long as you can.

Photon Rush is available on steam!

Locally up to 16 players

Yes, really, 16 players on one screen!
Invite all your friends and play together.
This is one of few games that can do that!
Can you imagine fun playing with so many friends in one room?

Non stop action

No one will get bored. Action is VERY FAST and one round takes just about 30 seconds.
You won’t have time to use bathroom!

Gamepad Support

You can use your gamepad from console.
We support all popular gamepads and much more.
You need only one hand to play Photon Rush, you can reach snacks or hold drink and play at the same time.
There is no problem if you have limited number of gamepads, we got it covered!
Two players can play games simultaneously using only one gamepad!
Also isn’t it perfect excuse to get closer to your date?

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