Photon Rush Announcement!


For last 3 months I have been working with my friend on our first game Photon Rush which we would like to present to you, so:


About Photon Rush

Photon Rush is a local multiplayer game with fast action. Local mean that everyone play on same screen at same time. We are not talking about 4 person games that require total attention. We are talking about game for up to 16 people with very fast action and game lasting about 30 seconds. It is all about possibility to talk, play and reach snacks at the same time. We have noticed that there are not many games alike. Game is about dodging obstacles and eliminating other players.

Gamepad control is designed in a way that game can be played by using only one hand so second one can hold drink or snacks. Additionally two players can join game using single gamepad. If we manage to release game on XBox One or PS4 then our game will be first that can play played locally by 16 or 8 players respectively. XBox One have limit of 8 controllers and PS4 have limit of 4 controllers.


Some technical information:

Game currently works on Windows, we support most of gamepads, we have tested game using simultaneously 8 gamepads but 16 should also work. Theoretically 5 players can play game using keyboard, practically keyboards have simultaneous pressed keys limit (we still have to test if two connected keyboards to same PC could surpass this limitation).


We are currently it test phase focused on bug fixes and small features.


Our roadmap:

  • Release game on Linux, MacOs, XBox One, PS4, Nintendo
  • Optimize game performance
  • Advanced in game configuration. A lot of things could be changed but there is no interface to do that. Some of things that can be changed: vehicle speed, trait density, map size, number of bonuses on map and so on.

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