Steam Greenlight is being retired

Right now Steam Greenlight is closed for games, no one can submit game and no one can vote. Steam Greenlight will be replaced with new system called Steam Direct.

What does it mean for us?

Last week we work hard to promote our game to get votes on Steam Greenlight. We’ve contacted journalists, youtubers, steam curators, and bloggers so they could test and review Photon Rush. Right now without luck. One youtuber responded that he will be pleased to check out game but only when online multiplayer will be ready, he don’t have environment to play game locally. What is more we were active on multiple steam groups related with local-multiplayer. For example there is group More Than 4 Local Multiplayer and it is first result in google for this search: “steam more than local“.

Within week Steam will check all games that are in Greenlight and promote some of them to store. The rest of games will have to be submitted using new system. Maybe Photon Rush will be promoted. If not we will submit game using Steam Direct. Games submitted via Steam Direct can enter store and the only requirement is pay $100 fee.

I don’t think we wasted last week, we’ve reached a lot of people, maybe some of them will buy Photon Rush. We had chance to get out of the comfort zone and we had opportunity to see how marketing works.




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